Harrison Rogers Commits $10 Million Dollars to Secure a Phoenix Franchise in the Global Fight League

GFL Announces Groundbreaking Docuseries to Launch the World's First Team-Based Global MMA League

March 19, 2024

LAS VEGAS–The Global Fight League (GFL) will launch the world’s first team-based international MMA league in unprecedented fashion: with an in-depth docuseries exploring the current state of the MMA industry.

The docuseries will give fans a first-of-its-kind look at the formation of the first true MMA League, from fighter recruitment and business operations to the selection of eight inaugural global team franchise locations starting with Phoenix, Arizona.

League officials are thrilled to announce that Harrison Rogers has committed $10 million dollars to secure a GFL franchise in Phoenix, marking a significant step forward for the league's establishment. Harrison, founder of the United Fight League and F3 Energy Drink, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the MMA community.

In an enthusiastic statement, Harrison Rogers expressed his excitement for this global opportunity: "I am honored to join the Global Fight League, this is a historic moment for me as I’ve always wanted to own a professional sports franchise. Arizona is my home state and this place has an incredibly passionate MMA community.  I can’t wait to lead our franchise towards greatness, I am committed to making our team a force to be reckoned with."

GFL Commissioner Darren Owen echoed the excitement, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Harrison Rogers to the Global Fight League. His values align with our vision for the evolution of MMA. Phoenix has a phenomenal combat sports culture and is very deserving of a professional MMA franchise. Harrison deserves all the credit for being the first promoter to offer his UFL athletes health insurance and shares in the company. These actions directly reflect the values we uphold in the GFL."

The GFL is starting to redefine the landscape of MMA by implementing the historically proven team and league model similar to that of other major global sports organizations. The GFL is paving the way for a more equitable and sustainable future for MMA.

The Global Fight League is a registered non-profit corporate league which governs the for-profit entities for GFL team owners. League officials have entered into early negotiations with numerous potential ownership groups related to various team franchises worldwide.
The GFL will be the first true team based professional league for the sport of mixed martial arts. Independent franchise owners with teams of athletes will compete in a structured and unbiased league format. The athletes will be classified as employees and will receive 50% of the League’s total revenues. This innovative format for MMA will connect with traditional sports fans while establishing unique storylines like all team sports.
For additional information about the GFL please go to the League's website www.mmagfl.com

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